Wildflowers and country air.

By Chad Gerber

Wildflowers and country air.

After catching up on our sleep and resting our legs in Portugal, we were set to explore the Spanish countryside. Arriving in Madrid, we made plans to meet our friend Raquel for a road trip to Segovia and Peñalara Nature Park.

Now, I know we indulged ourselves in Portugal, but it was impossible not to do it all again in Segovia. With local wines, cured meats, churros, and Spain's national dessert – Ponche Segoviano – on offer, our taste buds were having a flavour rave. If you're a marzipan lover, Segovia is heaven; Ponche Segovianos are everywhere! After consuming an unhealthy amount of local cuisine, we burnt some it off following the stone-woven streets and admiring the Romanesque architecture. The aqueduct splitting the city down its middle was incredible; it's stood for almost two thousand years!

We then went out into the country, the air fresh in our lungs, and hiked through La Boca Del Anso and Peñalara Nature Park before climbing a mountain to Laguna Grande. Following wildflower-trimmed mountain tracks, we watched the sun work its way through the iron clouds, and just as we were beginning to tire, a stream and a timber deck appeared and ushered us the rest of the way to the summit.

Our trip through the Spanish countryside was short and sweet, but what made it special, memorable, was having a local, and friend, to guide our way and share with us in those delightful desserts and that crisp country air.


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Written by Chad Gerber, Edited by Nick Petrou