Road Trip Part II - Churches and silent lakes.

By Chad Gerber

Road Trip Part II - Churches and silent lakes.

Having spent the last few months "on the rails," we were itching for a little freedom, and the easiest way to get that was with a set of wheels of our own. Welcome to my six-part road trip series, in which I'll be narrating our photography trip through part of Central Europe, where there's a man-made or natural marvel around every bend and almost always a black cloud on the horizon.


Having the car for only fourteen days, we had to make every stop count, so with this in mind, we kept our visit to Slovenia short and sweet, sticking to the country's northwest. We here replaced the mirror lake and mountainside church excursions of Italy with excursions to rivers of rippling aqua and to churches bound by silent lakes.

After crossing the Italy–Slovenia border, we dumped our bags at our timber-lodge hostel in the mountain town of Kobarid and then set out to catch the final rays of the day over Kanal ob Soči and the Soča River. Kanal ob Soči pretty much means "Kanal (the name of the settlement) on the Soča River," an alpine river coloured the most marvellous of blues, which, to be honest, I failed to capture due to the lateness of day. Having the freedom to go anywhere you please, it's easy to become distracted and lose your sense of time, and our visit to the Soča River was one of such occasions. But beauty can be found even in shadow, and what I did capture here readied our minds for the darker, more mysterious atmospheres we'd soon encounter deepening our way into Europe.

After heading back to our hostel and resting the night, we ventured northeast to Lake Bled, a glacial lake upon which stands the Church of Mary the Queen, whose back is ever watched by the sentinel upon the cliff – Blejski grad (Bled Castle). The highlight of our pitstop here – aside "the best ice-cream in the world" – was stretching over the grass and watching the sunset reds mingle with the icy blues of the lake and the stony faces of the town.

Our time in Slovenia was short, but that didn't take away from the experience – not one bit – and I'm stoked we made the choice to lodge there on our way to Australia. Oops, I mean Austria


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Written by Chad Gerber, Edited by Nick Petrou