Exploring on a long layover.

By Chad Gerber

Exploring on a long layover.

Singapore is an incredibly green and sustainable city, a city of the future. This was my third time visiting in the last two years and each experience has been as good as the next. So when I found out I'd be spending roughly 24 hours in the country, I knew it was time to visit some of my favourite spots again and make the most of my short time there.

If I had to recommend one place in Singapore, it would be Supertree Grove, in the Gardens by the Bay. The balance of man-made architecture and nature is extraordinary, and it's wonderful to see these innovative structures come to life in such a sizeable city.

We then took the short walk to the Cloud Forest (also in the Gardens by the Bay). Looming inside this large conservatory is a man-made mountain encapsulated in vegetation and fog, and intertwined with waterfalls.

Our final destination was the ArtScience Museum, to which I hadn't been, but had heard great things about. The main reason for our visit was to see the Future World exhibit, an array of cutting edge interactive light displays and artwork pieces.

When travelling, I'm an advocate for making every minute count. Layovers don't have to be a waste of time, especially if you can leave the airport, and some layover cities might even be worth a stay. You never know what you could see.


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Written by Chad Gerber, Edited by Nick Petrou