Road Trip Part V - A race against time.

By Chad Gerber

Road Trip Part V - A race against time.

Having spent the last few months "on the rails," we were itching for a little freedom, and the easiest way to get that was with a set of wheels of our own. Welcome to my six-part road trip series, in which I'll be narrating our photography trip through part of Central Europe, where there's a man-made or natural marvel around every bend and almost always a black cloud on the horizon.

Like our visits to Brunei and Macau earlier in the year, Lichtenstein was for us another quick visit on the way from Austria to Switzerland. It's tiny. You can basically drive to all four of its corners and everything between in a day. So that's what we did, taking it upon ourselves to do so with a time budget hanging over us, almost like a game.

T-minus 8 hours:

First up, we pulled a Bear Grylls and climbed (on wheels) to the highest available point to get a lay of the land. Once we were near the top of one of the few mountains in the 160-square-kilometre principality, we could pretty much see its borders.

T-minus 6 hours:

Wanting to learn about life in the country, we then followed the network of small trails that links its villages, finding rolling green fields, free-roaming cattle, and neat little timber cabins.

T-minus 4 hours:

Halfway through our time, we drove to Vaduz Castle, a stone fortress overlooking Vaduz, Liechtenstein's capital city. There were tidy pebble pathways and well-nurtured garden beds, and the grass was cut so clean, you'd think Jim's Mowing had been there the morning before.

T-minus 2 hours:

After seeing an intact castle, we just had to see a ruined castle, so we got back behind the wheel and went to Obere Burg, a ruin in Schellenberg. What interested us most here was how the settlement had developed around a structure which had been built some 800 years ago. Should have hired Jim's Building Maintenance.

T-Minus 0.5 hours:

With half an hour to go, we drove on out of Liechtenstein, forearms hung from the open car windows, sunset bouncing of our Ray Bans. We made the cut, beat the game, and we were on our way to Switzerland, with time to spare.

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Written by Chad Gerber, Edited by Nick Petrou