Catching my breath.

By Chad Gerber

Catching my breath.

After driving over four thousand kilometres through six Central European in just two weeks, I was in serious need of some downtime. Mariah had to return to the U.S., so I ventured off on my own to Budapest, Hungary, where I caught up on my work and took my lunch breaks under the Gothic architecture and in ruin-bars.

I had about two weeks in Budapest, and I spent most of that time finishing client work and editing shots. It was my first real opportunity to sit down and smash out the work that had been in the back of my mind for months. I made the most of my time, walking a new route from my accommodation each day and ensuring that I ended up at a different restaurant for every meal. The buildings go right up to the curb; history is always right there, pressed up against your face.

Closing my laptop near the end of the day, I'd either go out for a beer or to hunt down and shoot some sunsets. I bumped into fellow Aussie photographer Michael Conlon and his friend, Giordan Sprock, and we chased the light around the city for a few nights together.

Once the sun fell behind the horizon, the magic of Budapest came to life, showcasing famous landmarks like Saint Anne Parish and the Buda Castle. And let's not forget the burnt-yellow trams that tie them all together.

Two weeks of editing, eating, drinking, and sleeping is exactly what I needed to prepare me to travel to Croatia – via Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina – on a bus. Let's be honest, no one likes international overnight bus rides, but that's what I had in store.

Are you sure I can't stay just a little longer?


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Written by Chad Gerber, Edited by Nick Petrou