Road Trip Part IV - A taste of the south.

By Chad Gerber

Road Trip Part IV - A taste of the south.

Having spent the last few months "on the rails," we were itching for a little freedom, and the easiest way to get that was with a set of wheels of our own. Welcome to my six-part road trip series, in which I'll be narrating our photography trip through part of Central Europe, where there's a man-made or natural marvel around every bend and almost always a black cloud on the horizon.

Technically, I've been to Germany five times now... all within the same week. To get to some places in Austria, we took shorter routes through Germany; after we'd done that once without stopping, we thought, "Hey, we might as well make our passings-through count."

Have you seen The Sound of Music? Or at least the scene in the film where Maria sings the songs that's like, "The hills are alive with the sound of music"? That place, those musical hills on which she sings, is where we stopped on our second time through. The best thing about it is that we had all it to ourselves. Now, this may be because the film is some fifty-five years old or that the other tourists were off enjoying the infinite other spots in the country. I'll go with the latter.

On our third and fourth crossings through Germany, we stopped at a tourism office to ask which landmarks we could see by the country's southern border with enough time to make it back to Austria for dinner. They pointed us towards Neuschwanstein Castle, a 19th-century Romanesque Revival upon a hill above the village of Hohenschwangau. The sharp air and the backdrop of iron clouds worked in favour of the castle's dark and mystical vibe, hurling us into scene of centuries past.

To ensure you've ticked off a country, I reckon you've got to have at least one sit-down meal at a local restaurant. So on our fifth and final passing, we went to the small village of Füssen, where we met friendly locals, eager to tip us on where to eat, and while what we ate was delicious, I think just about any restaurant between the coloured, many-windowed facades and flower boxes that hung off of them would have blown our foreign minds.

While our times were short in Germany, it was kind of nice to duck in and out, taking tastes of Deutschland with us for the road ahead. Next up, Lichtenstein!


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Written by Chad Gerber, Edited by Nick Petrou