Stumbling into the international kite festival.

By Chad Gerber

Stumbling into the international kite festival.

Our trip around the world presents us with plenty of connecting flight layover options. When there's an opportunity for us to pass through a new country (that we'll probably never get back to), we almost always take it, adding an extra day to experience what we can in that country before continuing to our planned destination. In this case, we were travelling from Borneo to the mainland of Malaysia and were able to utilise our layover in Brunei.

Lucky for us, we arrived on the day of Brunei's International Kite Festival, where over two hundred individuals from thirty different countries took their unique and colourful kites -- like dragons and worms and an Incredible Hulk -- to the sky. Smoke hanging in the air from some nearby burnoffs made the scene all the more spectacular.

With our time constraints, we could only explore Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque and Sungai Kebun Bridge. After walking through the centre of town, we met some newlyweds who insisted we take a photo of them backdropped by the kites and fading salmon sky. When the sun went down, we gazed at the stars.

When we began planning for this trip, it was about experiencing as much as possible and making the most of every opportunity. We knew that we would have to rush some countries in order to reach our dream destinations. Even though we only spent a short amount of time in Brunei, we were able to gain an small understanding of the culture, cuisine and architecture. 


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Written by Chad Gerber, Edited by Nick Petrou